Magalie Comoretto is a Graphic Web designer and Art director focus on visual identity and digital communication based in Strasbourg, Paris - France.
She enjoys working with people which she can be a part of their adventures.
Previous & actual clients
Harry Winston, Le Pont des Vosges, Grande forge, Abdoulaye Trésor Konaté Dance company, Soul Motion, Parc de Sainte-Croix, Blancpain, Ligne Libre, Parc Naturel des Vosges du Nord, Région Grand Est, Dame-s, Crédit Mutuel, Clinique de la vision
As each person has his own personality, each creation has to be unique. She believes in innovation and takes risk in order to find the visual identity of each one.
Lover of meeting new people, talk and share experiences is a part of process for understand what you want to tell. The project become an exchange.
She likes to create clean web site and visual identity with character espacialy in the domain of arts, culture, luxe, welfare, or food.
Collaborations & friends
Maria Callizo Monge (ES) Illustration & writer - Pauline Niederst (FR) E-marketing - Gaëtan Pautler (FR) Art direction - Renate Vitola (LV) Fashion design - Abdoulaye Trésor Konaté (FR) Choregraph & dancer - Nergis Abıyeva (TR) Critic arts - Giovanni Zeller (FR) Buisness finance- Safia Dickersbasch (DE) Book editor
Contact me
(+33) 06 08 87 64 21